It is with a heavy heart that I reluctantly announce that the 2016 Halloween Haunt Calendar has been cancelled.

Photo submissions this year has been the slowest to come in and there is only a handful compared to previous years, last year in particular. I'm not sure if it has been the busy summer months or if interest in a printed calendar is waning (much the same that printed magazines are struggling) but the photos have just not been coming in. Neither are the pre-orders flooding in. I'm not really in a position to extend the deadline any farther - already the calendar production is late and eating into my valuable haunt build time. On top of that I haven't secured the advertising space to the same degree as previous years. I enjoy doing the calendar but it has to make sense financially to at least cover my costs and the considerable time that goes into it.

I will send out a personal message to any that have already submitted and all pre-orders will be refunded 100% immediately. Again, my apologies to those that submitted and were looking forward to the calendar again this year. My thanks to everyone who has supported the Haunt Calendar over the years - it has been fun to see all the photos and put it together.

Regards, Hector