Send in your Photos!


Photo Submission Guidelines:

1. Send a maximum of 3-4 photos. I will choose the best depending on the calendar layout. The photos can be sent to me at Photos can be from ANY year, not just thed current year - send me your best overall shots!

2. Photos should be the best quality you or your camera can manage. A minimum 300 dpi resolution if possible. The larger or better quality photo you send the larger or more prominent I will be able to use it (when possible). Images that are of too poor image quality to print properly will unfortunately be eliminated however I will try contact you to see if a better image can be supplied.

3. You MUST include full contact info with each photo - your name, haunt name (if any) & location (City/State/Country). For example mine would read:

      Hector Turner, Blackstone Cemetery
      Brampton, Ontario, Canada

4. Make sure to also include "HAUNT CALENDAR" in your subject line of your email when you submit your photos so I can try and keep the spam filters from catching it. I will send out a confirmation once I have received your submission so if you don't hear anything back from me within a week, please try to contact me.

5. PHOTO SPACE IS LIMITED. PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUPPORTED AND PURCHASED CALENDARS IN THE PAST WILL RECEIVE PRIORITY PLACEMENT. THOSE WHO HAVE SUBMITTED PHOTOS IN THE PAST BUT NOT PURCHASED WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! It is understood that if you are submitting a photo for consideration in the calendar you will purchase at the very least one (1) copy for yourself in order to support the considerable time, effort and cost that goes into producing the calendar every year. Those who have submitted photos in the past but failed to order any will be placed on Black List and their photos WILL NOT be accepted for ANY future calendars. I would much rather use the limited space for those that support the calendar.

6. Again, since space in the calendar is limited I reserve the right to have final say as to which photos will and will not be included, however I will endeavour to include at least 1 photo from each person that submits their shots. Look over the photos in the Gallery for examples of past photo submissions to get an idea of what to send. Since people might want to hang the calendar at their workplace or show it to their children, photos of an overly graphic nature may be refused.

7. Your photos MUST be of your own Haunt or Halloween creation. DO NOT send in photos of your local pro, charity or neighbourhood Haunt unless you are the owner/operator of that Haunt. Any individuals appearing in your photos MUST have given their consent to have their photo taken and used in this manner. When in doubt contact me to confirm appropriate usage. I reserve the right to refuse a photo if I cannot verify it's origin.

8. Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions located at the bottom of this page prior to submitting your photos.

9. That's it for now, I will start accepting photo submissions immediately as of JUNE 20, 2015. The final cut-off date for submissions is expected to be Friday, SEPTEMBER 4th so that should give you plenty of time to get your photos in before I complete the calendar and get it off to the printer in time for the Halloween season. Expected publication date is October 1. 2014. PRE-ORDERS are being taken as of now. This promises to be a great showcase for the global haunting community and a great way to keep the Halloween spirit all year long!


Here is an example page from the calendar to show how your photos
will be included and also how the photo credit will appear...

Terms and Conditions:

NOTE: Please read and understand the following Terms and Conditions prior to submitting your photos.

• By submitting a photo(s) to be considered for inclusion in the Halloween Haunt Calendar I agree to the following terms and conditions.

• All photos remain the copyright of the individual photographers and cannot be used without permission.

• You acknowledge and agree that by submitting a photograph(s) for inclusion in the Halloween Haunt Calendar you irrevocably give and grant the unrestricted, exclusive and royalty-free right to use the photograph for the Halloween Haunt Calendar along with promotional matters or purposes of advertising, trade, display or exhibition either in print or online. The Halloween Haunt Calendar shall not be required to pay any royalty, cost or any other fee or remuneration of any kind for the use of such photograph.

• You represent and warrant that the photograph(s) you submit is an original unpublished work by you, that you own or control 100% of the rights in and to your photograph, and such rights shall be free and clear of any and all third party claims or rights.

• If an identifiable individual appears in your photograph, you represent and warrant that you have obtained the consent of that individual, or if the individual is a minor, the consent of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), to have his/her likeness displayed and published in the Halloween Haunt Calendar, and if requested, shall provide a copy of a signed release from the identifiable individual as a part of your submission.

• You consent to the use of your name, haunt name and address (City and State/Province/Country only) within the context of the Halloween Haunt Calendar.

• You acknowledge and agree that the Halloween Haunt Calendar shall have the right to use your photograph(s) in any manner in its sole discretion, including, but not limited to, the right to edit your photograph and to add to, delete from, alter and otherwise combine your photograph with other content in any manner and in any media whatsoever, and that you shall have no claim for any reason against the Halloween Haunt Calendar for any such use.

• Further, the Halloween Haunt Calendar is under NO obligation of any kind to use your photograph and inclusion in the Halloween Haunt Calendar is at its sole discretion.