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Welcome to Group 234!

Welcome to the web-site for Children's Bridge Group 234!

We are a group of 12 families, from all across Ontario, the Maritimes and Alberta, currently in the process of adopting a child from China. We are part of the Children's Bridge agency, a non-profit organization set up to help families who wish to adopt from the People's Republic of China, Vietnam, Thailand, and South Korea.

We are all excited about the prospect of travelling to China and meeting our children. Right now we are anxiously awaiting our referrals - this is where we are matched with a child and receive a photo and some information. The process in China has slowed down considerably so we now hope to recieve referrals in June. We will be posting the referral photos when they arrive.

After receiving the referral the long wait is almost over and everything switches into high-gear. Packing and preparing for baby takes priority over everything! We now expect to be travelling to China late July/early August 2006. We know for certain we will be going to Beijing as a group and then possibly splitting up to travel to the province nearest where our children are. This will be an incredible experience for us all and we hope to post photos and travel updates during our trip.

The CCAA has finished matching files up to June 15th, 2005 so that means the rest of our referrals are arriving! See our referral page for more info.