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Here is some info on the design used in our logo:

The bird motif is taken from a Chinese paper-cutting. The art of Chinese papercuts date from the first century A.D. The design used in the logo was made by is of 2 Phoenix. The phoenix is important in Chinese mythology and is commonly seen alongside the dragon. The Phoenix of Chinese legend is said to signify happiness and a joyous event. The phoenix represents the feminine essence and denotes beauty, delicacy of feeling, and peace. We were told that an image of a phoenix was appropriate to hang in a girl's room and an image of a dragon would be given to a boy. Later in life the phoenix and dragon combined would be given as common wedding gift to symbolise the happy couple.

For more info on the art of papercuts and other Chinese arts & crafts, take a look at the following website. www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/arts/paper_cut.htm

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Custom Sweatshirts/Vests for the Group

We had a clothing company embroider our logo onto sweatshits and fleece vests for our group as well as family & friends. We hope to get some very little ones for you know who!

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Group 234 Pandas!

We found some cute panda bears in the bargin bin and so just for fun we made up little Group 234 tags and sewed them on. Everyone in the group got one. Maybe we'll have a group photo taken in China with all our new children holding the bears! :)

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