A Haunted Halloween in Brampton, Ontario

Spooky music echos down the street as weird lights play across moldering tombstones. Spider webs dangle from overhead trees ready to catch unwitting prey. Lightning flashes across the sky just as an unholy scream rends the night. Werewolves howl as other darker terrors lurk among the shadows. Trick-or-treaters beware!

Blackstone Cemetery, now going into it's 14th year, is an award-winning Home Haunt display created by Hector Turner. He started haunting in a simple way with a few store-bought decorations and lights but within a short time started making his own props and getting more and more elaborate every year. Voted Best Yard Haunt for all of Canada by the Canadian Haunters Association in both 2013 and 2015!!

This website details the history of the haunt in photos and video, how-to tutorials and prop building projects, tombstone templates and other downloads, links to other websites of interest.


Back From the Grave!

Pre-Halloween Viewing: October 29 & 30, 6:30-9:30pm
Halloween Night 2019: October 31, 6:30-9:30pm.

After the cancelation of last year's display I am very pleased to announce that Blackstone Cemetery will be RETURNING this Halloween! Please note, due to continuing health issues, this will be a limited yard display - not the full set-up of years past but we hope to be back to full operation for 2020! Until then we are very much looking forward to this Halloween and hope to see you then!

Halloween 2017 & 2016 Photos!

Here are the photos for Halloween 2017 and Halloween 2016 which are FINALLY up for viewing. I'll be updating several of the project pages in the coming weeks so watch out for pages marked "UPDATED!" in the pull-down menu under "PROJECTS". One of these days I'll rework all the photos for a slideshow format instead of the pop-up windows currently used but for now it's enough to get the photos online.

I'm already busy gearing up for Halloween 2018 with several new props and completing old props planned. Due to Halloween being on a Wednesday I'm looking to being up and running for 2 nights this year - Tuesday night for a sneak peek before the big night. After having to scale back the haunt somewhat in 2017 due to personal injury I hope to be back up and running fully this Halloween and bring the display back better than ever.

Halloween 2017 Punjabi News Feature

During the chaos of Halloween night a local Punjabi TV station showed up and started filming. I was intitially turned off as it seemed they were getting in the way of the trick-or-treaters and the camera lights overpowered the haunt lighting I had carefully arranged but it turned out pretty cool. It was been broadcast on India's largest television network as part of the Foreign News. Neat to think of the exposure the haunt would have gotten as an example of Halloween festivities in Canada!