Projects: Zombie Crossing Sign

I saw a similar Zombie Crossing sign on Dark Shadow's website (see photo below) and though I just HAD to make one myself. I found a great illustration of a zombie family done by someone called Image Girl and thought it would be great for the sign. I could have illustrated something myself from scratch but this close to Halloween who has the time? I'm looking into getting the sign made from vinyl mounted to plastic. I'd then attach it to a metal pole and position it next to the street in front of the house. I'd like to put this up as ahead of time to get some excitement building.

I scored big and got the signs printed and laminated from Cosmic Signs here in Brampton! I looked into having it mounted to plastic or metal but to keep costs down I just ended up going with tempered hardboard, actually the kind used for white boards. I cut out the sign shapes with my jig saw and then mounted the signs. Ian at Cosmic told me a trick of the sign trade - wet down the surface a bit with soapy water as it helps in smoothing out the air bubbles. I then coated the boards front and back with a coat of polyurethane to protect it in case of rain. All that was left to do was assemble the signs onto the pole and plant it next to the street. It looks great and I'm already getting some cars slowing down to check it out.

Make your own sign!

I been trying to contact the artist Image Girl about using her artwork of the zombie family. It's now been a year with no response so I'm going on the assumption that she doesn't mind. For anyone who wants to make their own sign here is the artwork file I did up to send to the printer.


  Zombie Crossing Sign Artwork (72 KB)


For something different in 2008 I added some bullet holes to the sign. Maybe someone was out hunting zombies? Next year I might weather it a bit and add some splattered blood to show it's been a while since the start of the zombie uprising. :) I found the bullet hole image on the web - I think they're decals for cars - and printed them in colour on gloss paper. After cutting them out I used spray adhesive to mount them to the sign. I finished up by giving them a quick coating of polyurethane to seal them from the elements.


My zombie crossing sign underwent another transformation this year. What started off 2 years ago as a clean and brand new sign is now rusted and weathered. My thinking is that as the zombie apocalypse has gone on (now in its' 3rd year) signs of civilization will continue to decay. Actually I just think it looks cool - everything looks better aged and weathered! In this case a bit of rust coloured paint dabbed on and then streaked to simulate the elements worked like a charm.

I was also very pleased to have my zombie crossing sign mentioned on the Make Magazine blog as a prop of the day. Since then it's made it's way around the blog-o-sphere and probably become the most popular page of the whole website.