Halloween 2002 & 2003

These were really the first years I started doing anything special at the house for Halloween. We started with a few store-bought decorations and dressing up in costume to jump out at the kids when they came to the door. This was fun but the problem was you never knew the age of the kids until answered the door in full scare-mode and by then it was too late if they were really little. You'd then end up doing the "monster-happy-dance", as I call it, to try and calm the crying/screaming kids down while the parent scowls at you. Still it's hard not to give an evil giggle when a kid screams and drops all their candy in an effort to get away from you!

We didn't end up taken many photos in the early years but here are a few. I'll try and dig up a few more and post them here if I can.

Halloween 2002 Pictures

Halloween 2003 Video

Here is a short (under a minute) video shot on a digital camera.

Halloween 2003 Pictures