Halloween 2004 Pictures

Although this seems pretty tame by what was acomplished the next year in 2005, this was the first real start to our yard haunt. A few lights, tacky plastic ghosts in the tree and a crappy looking tombstone I made up the night before. The only decorations I was really happy with was the window display, however I found that it was just too high up for the trick-or-treaters to see it. Live and learn, I moved it the following year.

As way of an excuse I DID spend most of the year working on making my Uruk-Hai costume, worn here for the first time. It was a big hit!

The costume was taken from the Lord of the Rings movies. Since I'm not familiar with metal working and didn't have the tools for it, all the armour is cardboard & modge podge paper-mâché, painted and weathered to look like metal. It was a big hit and I startled a lot of kids - and I think quite a few of their parents, as well. A lot of them recognised the character from the movies and wanted to come and see me up close to see if I was for real. I'd shake their hand if they were brave enough. :) My brother was an Evil Clown and would really ham it up with the trick-or-treaters!

Here are some photos of the haunt along with some of me in my costume fooling around with my brother.