Halloween 2005

Halloween is a big day at our house and this year we went all-out! The tombstones were made out of styrofoam insulation, carved and then painted to resemble stone. My brother and sister-in-law (the werewolf and gypsy) came by to help out. Sandy was done up as a witch and I was in my Uruk-Hai costume from the Lord of the Rings. We had a lot of fun and gave out candy to at least 200 kids who came by, maybe more.

Halloween 2005 Video

Click play below to view a 6 min. video we did of the evening. Woooo, scarry!

Halloween 2005 Pictures

Here are some photos from Halloween night along with some of the tombstones under construction. Next year I'll take more in-progress shots.

2005 Rue Morgue Party Pictures

Here are some photos from the party we went to in Toronto. It was hosted by the horror magazine Rue Morgue and was entitled "Graveyard A Go-Go". This was our second year in a row. To check out more photos from the party check out the message boards on Rue Morgue's site. It was some wild party!