Halloween 2006

Halloween was bigger and better this than ever before. I had started building new props and decorations over the summer and was really looking forward to how everything would look. This was our daughter's first Halloween. She had a great time trick-or-treating as a little witch and especially like ringing the doorbells. We had a great night with between 250 and 300 kids coming to our door. The giant spider was a huge hit and lots of people were taking pictures next to the zombie ground-breaker. Even the older teenagers were saying how much they liked it.

I had plans to open up one half of the garage and use black plastic to enclose it but after fighting with it all afternoon I just had to rip it down and close the garage doors - the wind was just too strong. I think if I try to do that in the future I'll go for a wooden frame structure with solid foam walls. Just add it to the list of projects for next year. Also for next year will be some sort of lighting control box where I can plug in all the various lights and each one will have a dimmer switch wired in. That way I can more easily adjust the amount of light each spot puts out.

Here are some pictures showing the set-up on the Sunday afternoon. It had rained much of the previous week with high winds so I was behind schedule. This year my home haunt was to be featured on the local Rogers TV program Me-TV. They were planning to arrive Sunday evening so everything had to be done by then. I just made it! They filmed for about an hour in order to get a 6 min. clip. The host interviewed me about my decorations and props. I'm going to try and get a copy of the segment to upload to the site.

My costume this year was non-existent - I just threw on some makeup as the kids were starting to arrive. I think as the Haunt gets more elaborate and also given the time constraints of a new family I'll go with simple costumes in the future. Blacken the eyes and throw on a mask, that will be about it. Although... I could build a stalk-around out of the giant skull I got this year - that would be easy to put on!

Halloween 2006 MeTV Clip

Here is a clip that was broadcast on the local television station. Click on the link below to view it.

Halloween 2006 Pictures - Setup

Halloween 2006 Pictures - Halloween Night