Halloween 2007

Halloween this year promises to be an even bigger production than before. With the addition of 3 major props (scarecrow, animated werewolf and skeleton corpse) along with numerous smaller details and the behind-the-scenes improvements it should be a really great night. If only the weather co-operates.

2007 Haunt Planning Diagram

Here is a rough plan I sketched out to figure out prop placement, lighting and other details.

Click on the image below to view it full-size in a pop-up window.

haunt planning diagram

Halloween 2007 Pictures - Setup

I was in the process of getting set up and was working in the garage painting the new tombstones and the local kids came by to deliver the paper. When they got a look in the garage and saw the scarecrow and everything they were all like "Whoa!!!" They went and got their friends and wanted to see everything. What was really cool was I turned on the werewolf and cranked up the speakers. Even in broad daylight sitting in my garage they jumped when he came to life with a roar! Tee hee!! Now I really couldn't wait to see him in action at night. I'd have to turn the sound down low to start for the little kids and then turn it louder as the bigger kids start to arrive.

One other thing that was really great was that a new kid to the neighbourhood wanted to go up and touch the werewolf. I said sure and he went and poked his arm and then threw a light punch at his face to show he wasn't scared. Before I could say anything one of the other kids said "HEY, BE CAREFUL!" That's what I have been hoping would happen as I get them interested and involved in helping out - they'll take a more of a personal ownership of the display and protect it from any other kids that want to trash it.

Here's a pic of the garage as it stood the week before Halloween. I pulled everything (well, nearly everything) from storage in the basement and put it out in the garage. From there it's easier to see what I have and plan the yard set up. There's also a pic of my street at night with the thickest fog I've seen in a long time. This was taken exactly 2 weeks before Halloween - why can't we have fog like this on the 31st? It'd be AWESOME!!

Setup started the weekend before with most things getting put up. The tombstones, fence, cornstalks, scarecrow post and other durable items would remain up until the big night. The lighting was put out and adjusted the night before with final details left to Halloween day. I had taken the day off work to set things up and even so it was still a rush to get everything done. If my brother hadn't come by early to help the Grim Reaper would have never gone out.

Halloween 2007 Pictures - Halloween Night

My daughter was dressed up as a little pirate this year. (I wonder how many more years it will be where I get to pick her costume? Soon it will be all fairies and princesses!) My wife was goung to take her trick-or-treating while I worked the haunt and was planning on pulling her in the wagon to go door-to-door. I had the great idea that I could make a pirate ship out of her wagon! How cool would that be? So with only 2 days before Halloween I was into a new prop build. I used cardboard and created a wrapper for the wagon in the shape of a ship. A broomstick was used as the mast (some heavy-duty thinking on how to attach it to the wagon was involved) with a pillowcase sail and a wicker flowerpot for the crows nest. Some paint and details and it was ready to go. She LOVED it! As did all our neighbours - she was the hit of the street! Here's some pics...

Halloween 2007 Video