Halloween 2009

Plans for 2009 started even before Halloween 2008 was even over. I'm always planning ahead and have many more projects on the go than I can complete in a single year! These pics are certainly long overdue - I hope you enjoy them.

Halloween 2009 Pictures - Setup

Halloween 2009 Pictures - Halloween Night

Halloween night was clear but quite cold this year. There was also a fair bit of wind so I didn't bother to set up the fog machines or chiller as it would just get blown away. I also didn't leave enough time to get the thunder & lightning rig set up properly and really missed it. It adds so much ambience to the haunt I won't make that mistake again. All in all though a very successful night with a good turnout (250 ToTs + parents). Both kids and adults made sure to thank me and say how much they loved the decorations.

My only complaint was that we took down one of our trees in the front yard and I felt the cemetery lacked a centre of interest. Next year I'm building a mausoleum with either my skeleton or a glowing ghost inside so that should anchor the graveyard nicely. I'm really happy with how my front window display and new witch's shelves at the front door looked and will be expanding that scene next year for sure.