Halloween 2010

The big project for 2010 was to be a full size Mausoleum. I was given the beginnings of a crypt in a prop trade with a fellow haunter (I made hime one of my broken tombstones and other items to come) which was a huge head-start. I managed to get the main entrance/archway & pillars mostly finished so I was able to put that up. The rest of it will be on next year's project list. The mausoleum was great though in that it really added a nessessary focal point to the cemetery that was lacking.

The other main addition was the final completion of the cemetery fence. I started this long ago but it was always one of those projects I put off to another day. With the help of my brother we got all the wood strips drilled and the PVC pipe cut to length. I then worked away at getting them assembled for us to paint. The fence was great in that it kept people out of the yard where they could get hurt or damage something. I think that in the future it will allow me the security to put things out much earlier than I have done before and look great at the same time.

Halloween 2010 Pictures - Preparations

Preparation this year included pumpkin carving. I always get a few real pumpkins in the hopes of carving them and always run out of time - hence the plethora of fake and plastic pumpkins. This year though my daughter really wanted to carve a real one and got right into the scooping of the guts!

She also helped out and made her first tombstone. She designed the skeleton figure and chrisined him Mr. BooBones. When I thought what we should write on the tombstone she replied "Mr. BooBones is Dead!" Once I carved it she did a great job painting it up. I normally paint the darker base coat and then wait for it to dry before I sponge paint the lighter colour but she went right to the 2nd colour while the base coat was still wet. I like how the wet-on-wet technique makes the colours blend more. I'll have to try it.

Here's also another prop that very nearly made it. I was making a "Sam" figure from the movie Trick 'r Treat. I had a friend sew up a perfect orange onesie sleeper to fit a child's mannequin I got on craigslist but didn't get the stiching or buttons sewn on his hood in time so it will have to wait til next year.

Halloween 2010 Pictures - Setup

Halloween 2010 Pictures - Halloween Daytime Shots - Photos by Melanie Turner

Halloween 2010 Pictures - Halloween Night

Halloween 2010 Pictures - Aftermath & Clean-up