Halloween 2014

Well it was a mad, last-minite dash to the finish line but we were ready! Thanks so much to Paul Clinton and Richard Gehres from the Canadian Haunters Association for coming out in the afternoon and helping set up my new LED lighting system. They worked great and in the end only had to use 3 of my old incandescent floodlights to catch areas that were too dark. Next year and few more LEDs and I'll be set!

Thanks too to Allan Turner for coming out once again and helping to set up. Allan is great at all the little details I never seem to have time for - he's done the witch's display window several years in a row now and I love it!! Also thanks to my mum, Joan Turner for handing out the candy and dealing with the hot chocolate requests.

Of course thanks and apologizes go out to my wife and mother-in-law who are both more than accommodating with my Halloween obsession. Also a huge shoutout to my daughter as one of the best up-and-coming Haunter/Scare Actor. She was totally game to wear the crow spirit costume I came up with for her and she couldn't wait to get out there and see how many screams she could get! She was right in there painting props and helping to set up. A true H.I.T. (Haunter-in-Training)!

Finally thanks to all the people that came out to see it - we got lots from Toronto and the CHA, old friends I haven't seen in ages, my daughter's teachers and school friends, her entire hockey team and many more!

Halloween night we weren't so lucky weather-wise. It started raining in the afternoon - not hard but enough to dampen the spirits. It did let up just around prime trick-or-treating time which was nice and it certainly didn't affect our numbers with us giving out treats to about 270 kids over the 2 nights. It was COLD though! We had a great time but by 10:30pm it was starting to freezing rain and we were so cold and wet we couldn't wait to pack it in!

All in all though a better than expected night to mark our 10th year anniversary and I'm already looking forward to 2015!

Rise of the Vampire and Other Fiends!

For my costume this year I introduced an new signature character - a classic vampire. I had fallen in love with a new vampire mask produced by Real Flesh Masks out of Montreal and ordered one for myself. It is a new style silicone mask which is ultra-realistic and many people could not tell if I was wearing makup or what. The character was a huge hit and I look forward to bringing him back year after year.

For my daughter's costume I had picked up an amazing crow skull foam filled mask. It was lightweight and had large eye and breathing hols so it would be perfect for her. She's only 9 years old but loves the haunt and being a scare actor. We distresed a simple black robe for her and accessorized with black feather wings, boa, bone necklaceshe picked out and a skull scythe that she helped paint. Her character was sort of a crow spirit and she was GREAT! She really creeped out people and had more than a few run in fright from her.

My brother Allan again came out to help and this year I put together a sort of Victorian Undertaker/Gravedigger costume for him to waer. He did his own makeup and did an outstanding job interacting with the kids and adults. With his costume, makeup and the way he played up the character really reminded me of of one of the classic characters from Disney's Haunted Mansion. I think this will become his staple outfit from now on!

Thanks to Craig A. Williams Photography

A big thank you to photographer Craig Williams of Craig A. Williams Photography for coming out on the Thursday night to photograph the display this year. It's always a treat to see the haunt through the lense of someone else's phototgraphy and Craig took some amazing shots! Thanks again Craig!!