Halloween 2015

This year posed many challenges - limited free time combined with procrastination of epic proportions led to me scrambling to complete projects in the last days leading up to Halloween when I should have been setting up. Then when I had planned to finally set up, the weather dealt me a near fatal blow of several days of severe wind and rain - the remnants of Hurricane Patricia - delaying me further. In the end many planned features had to be abandoned in order to get what I could ready for the Friday night opening. Probably nobody except myself noticed but was bothersome nonetheless and made the final days stressful.

I couldn't have done it without the help and support of my family. My brother Allan Turner, helped with set up and tear down as well as acting as the Gravedigger again this year and did a great job as always. He really brings the "acting" to the job of scare actor! He also debuted a surprise new character which was a huge hit with all the visitors. Watch all the way through my haunt video below to see who it was! ;)

Even though she had been feeling sick my wife Sandy couldn't stay away and was terrific in her Victorian ghostly lady costume. She takes the kids trick-or-treating and helps out by handing out candy to anyone who is too scared to make it to the front door. My 10 year old daughter was an executioner this year and got some great scares. She takes her job VERY seriously and got annoyed with me on a few occasions when I called her by name forcing her to break character! She delights in getting the older kids and is relentless once she targets a victim! :) Even my mother, Joan Turner, helps by handing out the candy at the door. It's a long and tiring job but she did great and I really appreciate her help as well as making sure to keep us all fed over the 2 days. She even sorted the candy into nut and nut-free varieties for any kids with allergies. Thanks Mum! My new and improved vampire costume got a great reaction with many, many people wanting to take photos with me along with more than a few kids run screaming from me! Fun times!

Even with the less-than-perfect weather (rain again on Halloween night for the 4th year in a row!) we had a record number of people this year - about 320 kids and an equal number of adults over the 2 nights. No it wasn't "finished" in my eyes and there was so much more I wanted to do but it did end up being one of the best Halloweens on record for us - lots of scares, more than a few screams, visiting with friends old and new along with tons of praise and comments from everyone - even the notoriously hard to impress teenagers! The only complaint I heard (from more than a few people) was that they came expecting a full haunted house walkthrough. Maybe someday!

2015 Another Award-Winning Year!


I was so very, very pleased and incredibly honoured to accept the award for Best Canadian Yard Haunt 2015! Thanks to the Canadian Haunters Association for hosting the awards, Haunted House Creations for the outstanding one-of-a-kind trophies, the judges and fellow haunters. I couldn't do the haunt without the help and support of my whole family and especially my brother Allan Turner who was there to receive the award with me. It will truly be hard to top this in 2016!



Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015 Haunt Video