Here are a list of links to sites I find both helpful and inspirational. I'll keep the list short as I find links pages are hard to manage in keeping the links up-to-date and there are many other sites that offer a more comprehensive listing to everything Halloween. Consider this a list of, in my opinion, is the "best of the best".


Canadian Haunters Association

National Canadian Club of home haunters, commercial haunters, haunt industry businesses, and Halloween enthusiasts from coast to coast. Register your haunt for free, find out about events in your area, vendors, tutorials and more!

Haunt Forum

Very active online forum dealing with topics from costumes and makeup to serious prop building, pneumatics and all other aspects relating to home haunting.

Halloween Forum

Another large online forum devoted to all things Halloween. Helpful members, excellant tutorials, prop showcase, costumes and more.

Dead With Dave

Excellent video talk show format features informative and detailed how-to segments, product reviews, contests and more. Also host of the very popular Dead with Dave Home Haunt Awards.


Monsterlist of Halloween Projects

Like it says, this is the Monsterlist. Everything you could ever want to build is listed here. A great resource.

Haunt Project (archived only)

This was another great list of projects and How-Tos, organized into catagories for easy searching. Unfortunantely it went offline when the owner sadly passed away. You can still view the site as an internet archive but many of the links are broken since it is no longer maintained. Even so it is still one of the better prop building resouces out there.

NEW! Haunter's Hangout

A new but growing website featuring a wealth of tutorials on a great number of subjects. The format is very similar to the defunct Haunt Project in that there are thumbnail images for easy viewing. Also be sure to tune into the weekly Haunter's Hangout online chat for lots of informative (and entertaining!) interviews.

Spooky Blue

Spooky Blue's site has tons of awesome tutorials and projects all laid out step-by step. Everything from toe-pincher coffins to scarecrows, zombie groundbreakers and more.

Brewster Yard Haunt: Haunt 101

Kevin242's website for his Brewster Yard Haunt is well known for his animated Grave Grabber zombies, tombstones and more. All presented with easy to follow instructions.

Moonlit Productions

Excellent illustrated how-to tutorials on boarded up windows, cemetery gates & pillars and more.



Master builder of scarecrows and zombies. His props truly have to be seen to be believed! Amazing blog updated daily.


Terrific blog: your one-stop source for all your H.P.Lovecraft needs. Make your own Necronomicon and other mythos props.

Dave Lowe Design

Dave Lowe is a master prop builder working in Hollywood however in addition he has a great blog and posts the most awesome, creative projects, all with his unique sense of style and humor.

Stiltbeast Studios YouTube Channel

Allen Hopps from Stiltbeast Studios is a legend on YouTube for his massive collection of informative how-to videos. It's like an online course in everything you need to know about Halloween prop building.

Butcher of Provincetown

Brad Goodspeed's haunt, The Butcher of Provincetown, is not only an incredible (and scary!) home haunt walkthrough but also a master class in the art of video production and social marketing! Also featured are tons of how-to tutorial videos on skulls, masks, leather-working & costumes, you name it.

Mill Creek Haunted Hollow

New home haunt site with great how-tutorials: Carving Tombstones, Styrofoam Mausoleum, Cider Hut and more. There is also a list of epitaphs for tombstones, photos from past haunts and details on his set-up.


Haunted House Creations

Canadian distributor of ACC skeletons, PicoBoo controllers, Pneumatics and other great products aimed at both the home and pro haunter.

Creeped Out

Canadian online retailer of all manner of great Halloween products. Fast & reliable - highly recommended.

Necrotic Creations

Beautiful, artistic accents for your home and haunt.

Spider Hill Prop Works

Specialty parts and fittings for making armatures. Now you can easily build your life-sized figures or groundbreakers in realistic and fully adjustable poses.

The Basement FX

The Basement FX creates incredible movie-quality Silicone Masks, custom Special Effects Makeup and design. They also offer custom painting and repair services for your existing silicone masks. I had them re-paint my vampire mask and was blown away by the quality and detail of the paint job!


Online USA vendor specializes in more DIY merchandise including motors and power supplies, pneumatics, lighting and sound, controllers & triggers and more. Quick and easy service.


Zombie Pumpkins!

Very professional looking pumpkin carving stencils. Everything from movies & TV charcters to traditional monsters along with original designs. Really great!