Projects: Misc. Props & Decorations 3

Here are yet more various props and decorations...

New Gothic House Lights

My wife & mother-in-law don't know it but my main reason for replacing our house lights at the front door and in front of the garage was to improve the look of the house for Halloween. Yes, these are props in my book! I think the new lights will make a huge improvement and look amazing with some flicker bulbs in them. Better yet, since they are considered home improvement they didn't have to come out of the Halloween budget!

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Groundbreaker Coffin

I started building a groundbreaker coffin based on the plans designed by Herman's Secret as posted on Halloween Forum. I got most of the wood cut and the lid assembled but then ran out of time. Not to be deterred, for Halloween I dug a shallow grave (only about 3" deep) in the bare spot in the yard and set the coffin lid on top at an angle. I also placed a string of LED red Xmas lights under the lid with a prop hand coming out the side. Very simple yet effective.

PVC Candles

Following the instructions of a number of great tutorials I made up a batch of PVC candles this year. Here are links to the how-to pages I referenced: The Haunted Cauldron's PVC Flicker Candles and Terra's Realistic Flickering Pillar Candles among others.

You can use either a string of wired flicker bulbs or the flickering LED battery operated tea lights. I chose the tea lights.

Basically you cut a selection of PVC pipe into diff. lengths with some cut on an angle. I used mostly 2" pipe as that was what I had on-hand but also got some 3" & 4" couplings for larger candles. I tried cutting foam board to shape and gluing inside the tube at the right height to support the tea light but it was easier in the end to fill the tubes with Great Stuff expanding foam. I then trimmed the excess and using a forstener drill bit drilled out as hole in the foam for the tea light to sit. That way I could remove them to turn them on and off or replace batteries.

Once you've done that they are ready to make the dripping wax using hot glue. It's easier if you can find opaque white glue sticks as there is less painting to do later. Take your hot glue gun and start by dribbling hot glue around the rim of he PVC tube letting the excess run down the outside. Note: it does help to use a high tempturate glue gun rather than the low temp as the melted glue will be more fluid and drip better at the higher temperatures however be very carefull not to burn yourself. Go all the way around and then proceed to apply more glue to make drips all down the sides. Make sure the glue stays away from your hole for the tea light or it won't fit. You could even have it dripping down over an object such as a skull or candle holder. Once you're happy with the drips give it a coat of satin white spray paint and you're done. Try grouping 3 or more candles of different heights together for a great look.

One variation I came up with was to apply the hot glue directly to the tea light itself to make melted down candles. Make sure you place the tea light on something like a silicone baking that the hot glue doesn't stick to and then you can pool and puddle the hot glue for a really melted down look. As long as you can get at the bottom switch and battery cover go to town.