About Us

For a very long time now we had wished to become parents and have a family. After attending information sessions where we heard from many people how they created their families through adoption from China, we made the decision that this was for us. After the long paperwork process it is finally looking like the end is in sight. We are very much looking forward to travelling to China to bring our daughter home. To occupy our time during the waiting period we are reading as much as we can on China and adoption, and have been busily preparing the baby's room and trying not to buy too much clothes and toys - not with very much sucess!

Our entire extended family is very excited about our future daughter. Sandy's mother as well as Hector's mother and father are thrilled about being grandparents. Everyone will have to draw straws for first dibs on babysitting nights! We want to thank all of our family and friends for being supportive and understanding throughout this incredible experience. We also want to thank all of our co-workers who are very excited for us. We realize that we have been going on at length to anyone who will listen about adoption and things chinese - we thank everyone for their patience! :)

Both of us love the outdoors, camping and hiking. We also like to travel and have been to many places in the world but China will be a first for us both. We love the challenge of different languages and experiencing the diversity of different cultures. We are trying very hard to immerse ourselves in learning about China and Chinese Culture. We have been taking Mandarin lessons since January 2005 - we find this very challenging but very fun. We now have a tutor who is very understanding and patient with us. It is very important to both of us that our daughter grow up to understand and be proud of her birth country and her heritage. We have been very grateful to those who have patiently taken us under their wing to help us learn more about Chinese culture. Dim Sum Sundays are rapidly becoming a family tradition. :)

OUR REFERRAL HAS ARRIVED!!! We got the call late Thursday afternoon and raced home to see the photos. (she is a big baby! - she was almost 20 pounds in February when she had her medical!!! and... she does look a little like Hector!!!!!) See our Referral page for photos!

We are hoping that the time will now go by quickly and we will soon be together as a family. Our expected travel dates are now the end of July/early August! We will post updates and photos as we go and hope to send daily reports once we are in China.


Contact Us: adoption@hectorturner.com