Header: The Creation of an Uruk-Hai


Finished Uruk-Hai costume I got the idea to start the costume at the Lord of the Rings Trilogy screening last year when I observed that the costume contest didn't have any bad guys! I mean elves and hobbits are OK but BRING ON THE ORCS! I took a look through numerous sites to see what other people had done and amassed a fair sized image library (see the "Reference" section) in order to have some idea as to how to go about it. Since I'm not familiar with metal working and didn't have the tools for it, I decided to go the cardboard/modge-podge route.

I had worked on the costume on and off since February '04 but really most of it was done in the last 3 months before Halloween of that year. I'm doing some more work on it for this Halloween and will document my progress in the "Step-by-Step" section as I didn't take very many construction photos the first time around. All the armour is cardboard & modge podge papier-mâché, painted and weathered to look like metal. It's surprisingly strong and heavy but I can move around in it easily. I was even up dancing at a costume party in Toronto!

I don't know if I would ever do another costume but this was a fun and rewarding project. It was as much a pleasant surprise to me as anyone else that it turned out OK and I didn't look like a total geek. I'm around 6 feet tall and the helmet visually adds at least 8 inches to that so needless to say I startled a lot of kids (and I think quite a few of their parents, as well) - more candy for me! Actually, it was fun. A lot of kids recognised the character and wanted to come and see me up close to see if I was for real. I'd shake their hand if they were brave enough. :)



Overall view of completed costume - Halloween night 2004. Here you can really see how all the individual pieces came together. Up until now I never had the entire costume on so I wasn't entirely sure how it was all going to look. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, at the same time I'll be looking to make improvements for this Halloween.
Close-up view showing off the fangs. You can just make out how I was able to wear my glasses under the helmet so I could see. In the future I'll get some special effect contacts and re-position my head in the helmet to bring it closer to my face. As you can see, because of the coverage afforded by the helmet, as long as I leave it on, a prosthetic mask is not necessary. However, this is again something I'll look into in the future.


This and the next three shots show me clowning around with my brother Allan but they do show off the mobility of the outfit and how I can manoeuvre in the armour.
More fooling around.


Having fun!
This last picture was taken without a flash which shows what the kids would have seen - very, very scary - I think I was more than a little intimidating! .