Header: The Creation of an Uruk-Hai


Below you will find links to various sites with information on costuming, Lord of the Rings and other sites of interest along with a small image library of reference photos that I found helpful. If you are thinking about creating any sort of LOTRs costume yourself I think you will find them useful.

Costume Sites

  • Alley Cat Scratch Lord of the Rings Costume

    This is the big one! This really is the definitive source for anyone interested in LOTRs costuming. I got a huge amount of help from the research various people have put onto this site and it proved to be invaluable. They deal with everything about the costumes from fabric to patterns to metalworking. From elvish costume to hobbits to orcs and ringwraith costumes they cover it all.
    Below are some direct links to sub-pages on the site:

  • Frodo's Orc Armor - Helm-Making Tutorial and Sam's Orc Armor

    These sites detailing construction of Frodo & Sam's Orc Armor were very helpful in figuring out how to construct the costume, the helm especially. Great costumes Carolyn & Leah!
  • Kropserkel

    Absolutly amazing desn't even begin to cover it! Scott Maple has constucted full Uruk-Hai armour out of 18 gauge steel and real chain maile. The various photos (some shown below in the Gallery) really helped with the layout & design of my costume. His site also features other LOTR costumes including a Moria Orc, Ringwariths and WitchKing!
  • Matthew Amt's Uruk-Hai Armor

    Great site with loads of tips and construction ideas. He has done an Uruk-Hai scout costume in adddition to the heavy Uruk-Hai warrior. It was on this site that I finally was able to figure out the tricky breastplate and helmet.
  • Halloween Costume Construction

    This site has tips and patterns for construction of cardboard/papier-mâché armor that was a big help early on.


Lord of the Rings Sites

  • TheOneRing.net

    The definitive Lord of the Rings fan site. This site and especially their Scrapbook of images is a great resource for any costuming endevours. Do a search under "Uruk-Hai" and it brings up pages and pages of photo reference from various sources.


Reference Photo Gallery

Here is a collection of images gathered from a variety of sources on the 'net. They are presented here for reference only.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to view the full size photo.

Here are some images of various Uruk-Hai toys made for the Lord of the Rings movies. The cast-on detail is very good and I actually found these to be of immense help as you could study them in detail from a every different angle.